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George always loved to make people laugh  
George was known for always making people smile. He was always there to bring happiness into people's lives even if they were at their worst.  Looking through all of the responses people have made so far I have noticed that everyone in some way has mentioned the joy George brought into their lives.  His legacy will live on through us every time we smile or laugh.  It's what he would have wanted to do for us if he were still here.  This page is going to be for funny things George did to make us smile.  Please send me a time that stands out in your mind and I will post it.

Gas station memories.  By TJ Crowthers
Many times on our way to the rink as our usual Friday night would entail George would manage to spice it up. One of the many things he did was when my mom would stop for gas. George and Skip, George being the instigator of course, would jump out of the car with his pants around his ankles and go up to the gas guy and just stand there until he would tell him to go away. Even when the gas guy would tell him to go away George would say "what? why? It's a free country I can do what I want."  One time the Gas guy actually called the cops on George and Skip or so he made it seem.  George would usually spend the rest of the ride speaking in an Indian accent and making fun of the guy's face.  It was only George that could make a car ride so interesting.  These are the times I will always look back and smile on and I have George to Thank for that.

By Nancy (Weill) Angelucci:
George was a very loving and caring person. He loved to make people laugh. His legacy will live on through his Nephew and Godson, Thomas Alexanderci Jr; and his Niece and Goddaghter, Mary Lynn Angelucci.Whom he loved very much, and could not wait for them to come into his life. He loved to spend time with them and was looking forward to seeing them grow up.

By Meghan Molony:
George could always put a smile on my face, even on the worse days. He was one of the people you always wanted to be around. I remember in 5th grade we were on the step team. him and jordan had their own part. Every friday night at the skating rink. "Club mom" at the mall. George jumped on a water bottle and the cap popped off and hit some guy in the head. My 8th grade graduation party, and the dc trip. I'll never forget "It's a Goose!!" Driving around late as hell prom weekend. So many good memories ill never forget. I'll miss you everyday but im glad you were a part of my life.

By Kemalynn Grimaldi:
There are so many funny memories I have with George. No one made me laugh more then him. At skating, he was always my couples partner and when "That's What Friends are For" would come on, he would sing it mad loud to me to make me laugh. Or on my birthday when my dad threw him in the pool, cuz i was laughin at him he chased me around the yard, and threw me in the pool with all my clothes on. Like 5 years ago at Lauranne's house, he found her moon shoes and would stay walkin around in those things. There's no doubt that George will always be remembered by his sense of humor and great personality. I love you George. RIP!

By Erin Molony:
I'll never forget all the times george made me laugh. We have so many great memories together, from when me were in elementary school up untill the last time i talked to him, which was about two months ago. I wish i would of have more time with him, but i am very lucky and thankful for the time i got and the memories i will keep and cherish forever. George and Jordan did the step team together in 5th grade. I loved watching Georgey (considering the fact that i had a huge crush on him). He came to my fifth grade graduation also. I remember i was so nervouse. We didnt really start getting close till about 6th grade. When ever he couldnt finish the Dorito's (which was rare lol) in school, i'd see him at the bike racks at the end of the day and he'd give them to me. We used to go shopping together. I remember my mom picked him up and he had his white pants with pink and red hearts on them. It was funny as hell, it didnt surprise me cuz thats just how george was. I lost 100 dollars in the mall that day and him and Greg helped me search the whole place to mad long, but never found it. I remember one time, we were all at the mall and there was this "club mom" shop, and there were free water bottles. We were standing by footlocker and george put one on the floor and stepped on it really hard and the cap flew off and hit some guy working at Verizon Wireless in the head. He got mad as hell. But we all laughed so damn hard. and remember george! that boy put his hand in craigs spit. hahahaaa oh my god. We would gag all the time at lunch and laugh so hard because it stunk in the lunch line. We called the beef for the nachos "beff" cuz it looked ruff as hell. I plucked his eye brows for him too at lunch all the time. Always gotta make my georgey look pretty. Lunch was the best with george, especially when the spider was crawing up his leg, remember that greg! he thought u were rubbing him under the table. He started screaming (litterally) and yelling at Country (nta at school) that the whole school was contaminated and he refused to sit back down. I put meghan on the spot so hard george remember we were in the kitchen and it was all quiet and i just blurted out that she liked u right infront of every 1. she was so embarassed and so were u. Remember the tin foil in the altoid box. You and craig said it was a dick hat and i really believed you. lolol. Remember me, u, greg and kema went to the movies to see blow. and u and kem paged me with skips number with 143 and i freaked out and was beggin to use ur phone but u wouldnt let me, then told me it was u and kema that paged me, not skip and that i got souped for no reason. lol. The day we walked to meet nikki. we just talked about everything. u were so easy to talk to. I'll never forget this, we were at Brittany's house sittin on the couch and talkin. it was me u nikki and brit. and u looked at me and said, erin honestly is my best friend out of all the girls. I'll never forget that. cuz u were my best friend too, and i loved you so much but im sure u knew that cuz i told u all the time. Remember at brits party on my birthday i was so trashed and mad because of jessy and skip and u made me laugh and i put the chicken on the floor and used it was a pillow. that was so funny, and we were dancin all stupid. At skatin when ever teenage dirt bang came on youd hurry and skate to me so we could sing it and bug out together. bang our heads. and you thought the guy was singing "meow" in stead of "oooohh yeah". Thats sum funny shit. Remember me, you and dawn "chilled" out front of the church on merchantville ave all night and just talked and laughed. Youd always come up at hump us out of no where. Remember we were at duffys house partyin. me and you were the only non-duder people there. and bret was tryin to get us to kiss and frees stylin and shit. We always had so much fun together. We always made eachother laugh so hard. I wish you were still here. To me, that still wasnt you that i saw today. It just wasnt. I wont believe it, i cant. no way. I hadn't seen u in a long time, and then i see u like this now. and it wasnt even you george. I need to end this before i get my self to carried away and upset. I miss you george, i'll see you someday in heaven. Every time i hear teenage dirt back, last resort, or i can love you like that by all 4 one, i'll think of you and remember all the good times we had. You were such a great person. Everyone says god took you for a good reason, but i've yet to figure out what that reason could be. "Everything happends for a reason" <~~~~ thats a quote i dont think i'll ever understand. You were too great to leave. There are so many killers and rapists that god should of taken. not you. it makes no sence. but i know i'll see you again. that i do believe. no one will ever forget you, i know i wont. Thank you for being a part of my life. You ment so much to me. Watch over me, and every one else. Dont let nothing bad happen. tell god he cant take no one else. because i dont think any one can handle it. i know i cant. I love you forever and always. Wait for me up there. put a good word in for me too. Tell rita i said hi and keep her company. I love you so much my georgey porgey punkin pie. I know you'll always be with me. Hugs and Kisses

By Tyler Steen:
George obviously made me laugh all the time! He was also serious when I needed him there for me. Me and George would always talk about anything and everything especially when i needed someone to talk to he was always there with good advice. I told George just about all my secrets and he never told anyone! I'd love to go skating and meet him there along with everyone else! There he was SO funny and fun to be around. I have a million merories with George like bowling skating movies parties, etc. & one time goin to the movies me and donna were meeting TJ George and Skip there we ended up seeing Cast Away which i really didnt pay attention to cuz George and Skip were talkin the whole time crackin me up! Then it came time to go home.. and I was 1st to be dropped off... well George and Skip thought it be funny to knock over my neighbor's christmas decorations like her reigndeers oh yeah..and thats exactly what they did.. hahaha I went right inside once they left... So bad but so funny!! LOL like the time we went to get ice cream around from TJ's house and we were on the curb if someones house and George threw trash in their yard and TJ told him to pick it up and he was going to when the guy came out if his house and started SCREAMING at George showed he wasnt afraid and yelled back I thought they were goin to fight! Skip got into it too it was funny but crazy!  HAHA yeh but we stopped hangin out so much but still talk on the phone and online. george also started working at best buy around the corner from where I work and live so I'd go see him sometimes and talk a little and he would come to my work almost evey sunday when he was on his brake from work...We'd always have somethin to talk about! then he's leave and n his way out he'd mention"We gotta chill call me you know my number" & i knew his number but didnt call i'd asume next time he came in id see him and we could chill after or something... but I didnt.. & I just wish I would have I dont know if he'd still be alive but in a way I feel If i just called him to chill maybe he would of been chillin with me or doin something else that night and it wouldnt of happened I dont knwo But when Erin called me to tell me what happend I couldnt believe it I didnt believe it but she told me she even called his mother.. but i was still in shock... When i got to the viewing it took me a little bit to go in to see him... b/c i knew if i went in there i knew i couldnt pretend anymore... I knew I couldnt pretend he was just away for a while! I knew i couldnt pretend it wasnt true anymore.. I had to face the fact that he was really gone! When I got up to him i just wanted more than anything for hi to just get up and start making us all laugh But he didnt. & i wanted to knwo WHY George was too good of a person to be taken from us all! I just dont get it.. If God takes someone for a reason or purpose what was his purpose to punish us?? i just dont get why it had to be such a great person I realized anyone can be taken from you at any time so spend your time with them as much as you can.. & I really hope that there is a God and there is a place called Heaven and George is there and he's happy! Every sunday when i work a part of me will be waiting for George to walk in, I know if I'm ever at skating I'll hope He's comming And I know with my whole heart you'll always be with me and you will be greatly missed! I love you soo much George R.I.P xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo   

Carol Weill:
George, I am so proud of you in everything you did in life. You were such a wonderful boy who grew into a wonderful man. The many memories I have of you would take a lifetime to say. Thank you for giving me such a loving and meaningful life, I will certainly have a hard time without you being here. You were the best of the best!

Brittany Schindler:
Dear George, If you could hear me now. I would want to tell you that you are a very sweet boy. When i was in 6th grade you and your friend Greg was trying to make some money. Well i saw standing in the stree right infront of my house and i saw you. I was like to my girl Diana that boy is BAGEN!!! Next thing ya know he walks up to me and says "Yo, u need ur lawn mowed? I was like SURE!!!While they was in the backyard i was standing at my backdoor staring.I felt so special when he said Hey cutie can i get some water? I ran so fast, got the biggest cup, and even filled it to the top!When they was done my friend told Greg while i was getting the money for them "that girl likes you" when i came out he gave me his number and walked away! After that we never talked much But i will just never forget that day. It might be a little memorybut it means a HOLE lot.R.I.P cutie!!!! Everyone misses you!
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